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We’ve built a long standing relationship with our community, based wholely on trust and expertise, serving Western Nebraska for 28 years. We offer a full range of ENT services and much more.

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Restoring Health and Wholeness in every patient are the goals of our team.

At the Simpson Clinics we strive with all our many resources to successfully improve your health and well being. We are well trained in all aspects of health care and look at the whole patient and how so many things interact to cause disease.

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106 East C St
North Platte, NE 69101

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Our Services


Dr Roger J Simpson is a pioneer in Balloon Sinuplasty and Eustachian Tubuloplasty and offers a full range of ENT services.

ENT Allergy Clinic

At Simpson Clinics we have an Allergy, Brooke Lunenborg PA-C who has 16 years experience both in Medical Allergy and ENT Allergy


Not only does Dr Simpson do Botox, Fillers, Rhinoplasties and other facial plastic surgery, but Brooke does Cool Sculpting